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Makkal TV is a unique, infotaining media initiative in the Tamil satellite TV scape, launched with a definite objective of creating value for the viewers' time invested on the TV channel. The brand promise is to operate in all possible ways that would ultimately benefit the land and its people.

With a base of 7732 share holders, the TV Channel was launched on the 6th Sep 2006.

The primary objectives of the channel include promoting the Tamil culture and society in their truest forms, among the audience.

The channel perfectly fills in the void for such a social sensitive and people-focusing medium, in this technologically advanced yet socially myopic mediascape. Makkal TV is the brainchild of philanthropists who felt to do their bit to uphold the cultural and traditional values of the Tamil civilisation.

Makkal TV has a wider target group cutting across age, demographic and geographic barriers. The channel is managed by a blended team of young & experienced professionals. It delivers contents that are a perfect balance of aesthetics, tradition and knowledge, which are in tune with the audience knowledge-based content needs and preferences.

This understanding and dedication with which the channel delivers its contents has made it possible for Makkal TV to reach out to the metro and mofussil audience in equally appealing proportions. Every effort is made to make sure the programmes are highly audience-engaging and worth their time.

The channel is self-reliant with state of the art infrastructure in terms of studio and production facilities and is fully equipped with passionate professionals such as its stringers, anchors, producers.

The channel puts all these infrastructural and human resources into best use to capture and deliver all current affairs - domestic & international, news and of course, cultural values to its audience who are spread across the world.

Makkal TV has won the "Best TV Channel 2007" Award from the coveted Vikatan group and the Laadli Award for promoting gender sensitivity from the UNFPA. Above all, the channel has won hearts and has captured an unassailable place there in.

Makkal TV in short isn't just a medium. It's an uncompromising movement that shall continue to benefit the land.
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